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We have partnered with Sierra Pest Control, Inc and can coordinate your pest inspection to be done at the same time as a home inspection. Call for a quote.

Why us-

Since 1993 JAV Estimating Services, Inc. has completed in excess of 16,000 commercial and residential home inspections in Northern Nevada. We have a reputation of being professional and thorough. But are all inspectors the same?

Several years ago, the State of Nevada required that all inspectors in the State shall be certified. All inspectors shall show that they can produce a report that complies with the State requirements, meet certain education or experience requirements  and  inspectors must pass a written exam. One would think that this process would provide a uniform inspection industry. The reality is that some inspectors are more detailed than others.  

The State of Nevada does not consider Certified Inspectors to be Building Code Experts, nor should they. However, almost any item we comment on in our inspections as a defect or problem can relate back to the building codes. One of the things that has set JAV Estimating Services, Inc. ahead of the other inspection companies is our code knowledge and certifications. These certifications are not required by the State, but as a consumer, you may want to consider an inspector that has this specialized knowledge. After all, a home purchase is probably going to be one of the largest investments you will make in your life.

We specialize in building code knowledge and apply this knowledge in our inspection reports or expert witness testimony. With over 35 years of construction experience and multiple code certifications since 1993, we can provide you with a report that can exceed our competitions.

A good portion of our business is acting as an expert witness for construction defect litigation. Our reports and testimony are assisting in obtaining positive results for our injured home owners. What do you do and where do you go when you have construction related problems with your home? JAV Estimating Services, Inc. can help!


I have been involved construction all of my life. I have completed all phases of residential construction including designing, drawing, remodeling and building residential homes. I have installed all of the following components or systems: wood framing, metal framing, windows/doors, concrete, masonry, tile, marble, electrical, plumbing, heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) hydronic heat, passive solar, composition roofing, , metal roofing, concrete tile roofing, flat roof membranes, sheetrock, plaster, stucco, tape, texture, paint, finish carpentry, cabinetry, insulation, built-in appliances, rough and finish grading, masonry and keystone retaining walls, concrete slabs, asphalt driveways, pavers, fire places, waterfalls, french drains, drafting, construction estimates, insurance loss estimates, etc.

I have worked on large and small commercial buildings from car washes, casinos, naval air bases, gold mines, etc.

Having this hands on experience of surveying through to  turn key projects has provided a base knowledge that can only be obtained from having completed the work myself.

I augmented the hands on experience in construction by showing my experience and obtaining a General Contractors license, Residential Design license and became certified and licensed as an inspector with knowledge of building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, ADA, and energy codes. This knowledge has allowed my business to succeed where others have had difficulty.

I currently maintain licenses that will allow me to design and draw a home, construct the home and inspect the home. A complete knowledge set.

In addition to completing home inspections, I also work as a expert witness for construction defect litigation or as a building consultant. My knowledge and experience has assisted injured parties recover from their sub-standard contractors and homeowners have been able to get proper information regarding their residences or construction issues.

Please consider JAV Estimating Services, Inc. with your next inspection, construction defect litigation or building consultation. Put our experience to work for you!